Online Math Games

Cool Math 4 Kids

Math Practice by RiT Scores (listed below):

Number Sense
Numbers and Operation
Operations: Whole Numbers
RIT Below 161

Bees and Honey
Finger addition
BT Bear's Catch Ten
Alien Addition

Duck Shoot
Math patterns - ask the right question
Count the Ants!
Count Hoot's Addition

Duck shoot 10
Make 10 to connect the pipe
Count the Kids
Dude's Dilemma (Choose Addition)

Counting Sheep
Catch 10
Count with Lecky
Froggy Hops

Snapdragon How Many
Techno- Tortoise # line
Number Bond Machines

Count the Kids
Make 5, 10, 100
The Counting Game
Save the Whale

Count Us
Frog hop
Fairground Target Game
Single Digit Addition

Hundreds chart 9 more
Addition Machine - Level 1
Miro on the Move
Ten Frame
(Choose 4. Add)

"B"ase "T"en Bear
Find the hidden picture
Number Concentration
That's a Fact

Number Concentration
That's a fact - pick add
Post a Letter (Needs sound)

Count the Ants
Number line addition
Sheep Counting

Number Frames
Sum sense add. number models
Ten Frame

How many
Dude's Dilemma - pick add only
How Many?

RIT 161-170

Frog Count Up
Number model ogre hit

Collecting Acorns - use the arrow keys
Addition speed grid challenge

Number Track - only level 1 or 2
Subtraction speed grid challenge

Car Smash Number
Subtraction Machine - Level 1, 2

Fix the 100"s Chart
Sum sense subt. number models

Give the Dog a Bone
Dude's Dilemma - pick Subt.

Caterpillar Math
Around the world in 80 seconds- pick addition

Objects to 10 or numbers to 10 only
Digit Work-out

RIT 171-180

Fraction bars
Master Addition - pick level 3, 4, or 5

Fishy 2's
Add Like Madd

Butterfly Counting by 2 (Evens)
Addition machine - pick level 2

Butterfly Counting by 2 (Odds)
Sum Sense add

2 More Than
Subtraction Action

Butterfly Counting by 5
Speed grid subtraction

Spooky Count Backwards by 1
Around the World in 80 seconds - pick subtraction

2 Less Than
Subtraction machine - pick level 3

Base Ten Blocks Game
Sum Sense subt

Shark Pool - base 10 numbers
Cyberchallenge - pick add or subt

Lifeguards - ones and tens
That's a fact add, subt, mult

Dinosaur 1's and 10's
Cross the swamp - number models

Sort the Mail - place value by 1, 10, and 100
Dude's Dilemma - pick Mult.

Number Machine - comparing 3 digit numbers

Cut the Pizza for Friends

Show fractions different ways

RIT 181-190

Butterfly Counting by 3
Master Subtraction - pick level 3, 4, or 5

Count by 3's
Addition - pick level 2 or 3

Count by 4's
Addition - pick level 3 or 5

3 Digit Place Value
Speed grid addition - pick levels

Dragon's eggs (odd and even)
Subtraction machine - pick level 2 or 3

Butterfly counting (Random 1,2,3,5,10,100)
Cross the swamp - pick add or subt, then 0-100

Ordering Numbers - pick (numbers to 100)
+, -, *, / Number Balance & Properties

Guess the Number #1
* Times table game

Guess the number - pick (level 1)
Multiplication Station

Olympics - pick (order whole numbers up to 50, 100, or 1000)
Quick flash multiplication facts

Olympics - pick (cycling or swimming)
Cyberchallenge - pick mult or div

Golf - Place Value to Thousands
Around the World in 80 seconds - pick mult level 2

Tank - Place Value to Hundred Thousands
That's a fact - pick Mult or Div

Place Value - put the numbers together
Dude's Dilemma - pick Div.

Teachers Toolkit - Place Value Calculator
Division machine

Rounding to nearest 10
Digit workout - pick level 6

Rounding to nearest 100
Cross the swamp - pick mult or div, then 0-10

Rounding - deliver the mail
Speed grid subtraction - pick levels

Odd or Even
Fix the tracks

Number Balance
Digit work out - pick level 3 or 4

Visualizing fractions
Buy it

Fractions tenths
+ Amoeba Addition

Fractions eights
- Amoeba Subtraction

Fractions fourths

Fraction matching game

Fraction concentration

RIT 191-200

Compare place value -pick level 1, 2, or 3
Speed grid addition 2

Compare Numbers - pick 100 or 1000
Number bond machine

Glowla's estimation contraption
Speed grid subtraction 2

Estimator Quiz - pick add
Space shuttle launch - pick add or subt

Guess the number - pick level 3
Mayan math monster - pick add or subt

Comparing decimals - pick level c
* Amoeba multiplication

Olympics - pick up to 1000 or 10000
/ Amoeba division

Place value playoff

Place value charts - pick Th HTU
Problem Arithmetic

Place value 100 thousands
Division bingo

Place value 100 thousands #2
Division machine - pick level 2 or 3

Rounding to the nearest ten

Rounding to the nearest hundred

Melvin's make a match - fractions

Fraction fourths

Visualizing fractions

Naming fractions

Fraction checker

Fraction matching

Flag Fractions

RIT 201-210

Order numbers 6 digit
Speed grid addition 3 - missing digits

Order numbers 7 digit
Speed grid subtraction 3 - missing digits

Place value to 1 million
Speedmath - add and subt

Place value to 1 million #2
Division bingo

Want to be a "place value" millionaire?
Dude's Dilemma - pick div, then hard

Front end estimation addition
6 circles

Front end estimation subtraction
Power lines 1

Zeroes and ones - pick level B or C
Pan diagonal magic squares

Order integers
Number puzzles

Greater than, less than, or equal to - fractions
Magic squares

Ways to look at half
Magic squares #2

Rounding flashcard game
Count the money

Round to the nearest thousand
Adding fractions - same denominators

Round to the nearest hundred thousand

RIT 211-220

Fraction sorter
* / Multiple Madness

Fraction pointer
* / Product game - (2 players)

Fractions - pick equivalent fractions
Goal - division

Mixed fractions with circles
Mayan math monster - pick mult or div

Improper fractions & mixed numbers
Space shuttle launch - pick mult or div

Rename fractions in lowest terms
Speedmath - pick mult and div

Fraction Concentration - 2 players
Mode, Median, and Mean from BBC

Fraction track - 2 players, remember to scroll down when you log in

Adding fractions - same denominators

Prime and composite - remember to scroll down

Factor tree

Factor game

Button beach challenge

RIT 221-230

Place value charts - pick TU to th
* / Factors (facts with base ten blocks)

Estimation game - pick amount of time and # of excercises
* / The factor game

Ordering fractions
* / The factor game #2

Higher and lower - pick fraction
Mayan math monster - pick div, then hard

Fraction addition

Fraction sorter
Add fractions with like denominators (mixed numbers)

Fraction pointer
Adding fractions - unlike denominators

Dolphin racing
Prime and composite numbers - remember to scroll down

Comparing fractions
* / Factors (facts with base ten blocks)

Rename fractions in lowerest terms
* / The factor game

Mission Magnetite
* / The factor game #2

Fractions - pick equvalent fractions

Fraction pairs game

Fraction Four - pick fraction, percentage, and fraction < > percentage

RIT 231-240

Sort the mail - pick <=> 1/2
Add fractions with like denominators (mixed numbers)

Greater than, less than, or equal to
Adding fractions - unlike denominators

Comparing fractions
Fraction addition

Fraction sorter - next to square pick 4
Fraction subtraction

Fraction pairs game - pick fraction and percentages
* / Factor tree

Fraction four - pick level 3 and all problem types
* / The factor game

Graphing Number Balance for expressions


Isometric Drawing Tool